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With impunity

I've been yelling at Jack and Sam for four days about not eating my fern. I had just finished diatribe, when I turned around to witness this:



Looks like I'm closing in on a closing on the Kater Street house. The inspection produced a 28 page PDF.  Guess what? (what?) There are termites and termite tunnels. I know ... shocking. I have a question for all the termite inspectors out there. Let's say I'm thinking of getting termites treated every 20 years or every 5 years. I'll pay you either $1000 every 20 or $1200 every 5. Will you come inspect my house and give me your honest opinion on whether I should go with the 20 or 5 year plan?

Orioles Mania is at a fever pitch these days. If you can't get enough, stop in to for your fix.

Here's a pic of me and O on the T platform on our way to Fenway last Saturday. Guess what? (What?) The ORIOLES WON!


Orioles fall to 0-2 when I'm in attendance

My trips to (and from) Oriole Park at Camden Yards have been epic this season....

On Mother's Day, I took advantage of a layover in BWI and trained it over to Baltimore. After arranging to meet Don at the Yard, we watched the O's dig a hole early and then claw their way almost all the way back for a 7-6 loss to the Rays. Lost in the excitement was the fact that the last Amtrak from B-more to New Haven had been sold out for hours. So, Don dropped me off at the Greyhound station.  Six connections and 5 modes of transportation later, I got home at 2 a.m.

 This past Saturday, I talked Julie into the drive down to Baltimore for the Eddie Murray statue unveiling in Camden Yards' Garden of Champions, followed by a 7:05 Orioles-Royals game. Things were going well: we made it to town early, munched on some crabs at Faidleys, checked into our kinda-nice hotel, walked around a bit. About 15 mins before game time, the skies opened up and the unadvertised rain didn't let up for 3 hours. And they didn't call the game!  Kudos to Julie for bringing our Newport Folk Festival ponchos, but even she had to throw in the towel at 10 p.m. I walked her back to the hotel and once I heard that they were restarting the game, ran back over. No way I was gonna let these seats go to waste (5 rows behind O's dugout). Well...the O's dug another early hole for themselves, but this time the attempted climb-out was even weaker: 7-3. Got back to the hotel at 115 a.m.

We've got 6+ weeks left in the regular season ... another Baltimore trip is probably out of the question but I think a trip to Fenway or ... gulp ... the new Yankee stadium might be in order.


I mean, I don't love spiders either but come on

Spider Belief Questionnaire (SBQ) measures "the strength of belief in various (irrational or unrealistic) ideas about both spiders and the self during confrontation with a spider....Examples of spider-related beliefs are 'the spider will attack me' and 'the spider smells that I'm anxious.' Examples of self-related beliefs are 'I will lose control' and 'I will become crazy'....The subject is instructed to indicate the strength of each belief as experienced during confrontation with a spider by filling in a percentage (0% to 100%). We obtained two scores: (a) the mean strength of the spider-related beliefs (0-100;...) and (b) the mean strength of the self-related beliefs (0-100;...)"